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Katha, also known as Kathya, is an Indian style of religious storytelling. It is considered as an important ritual event in Hinduism and is thus involved in all occasions such as Grah Pravesh, Birthday parties, child birth, marriage etc. Book Pandit Ji for Katha in Model Town and avail Katha services in professional style.

Types of Katha Traditions

Based on Hindu Culture, there are three major Katha traditions namely Purana Pravachana, kathakalakshepa and folk narratives. All these traditions have significance of their own. Pandit Girish Sharma can perform all these Katha traditions as per your preference, belief and desire and thus you can call Pandit Girish Sharma for Puranmashi Katha in Model Town.

Significance of Katha

Katha is actually a storytelling procedure which requires professional storytellers which can easily recite the text for long hours. This katha is not only a ritual to perform but provides peace and tranquillity to your mind and soul. It can mould your heart and take you to the comfort and peaceful zone. Call us and Book Pandit for Hanuman Chalisa Paath Online India.

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