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The Growing Trend of Kundli Matching

The Growing Trend of Kundli Matching

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on the earth. In India, Kundli Milan or horoscope matching is a widely accessed tool to know the compatibility between the perspective bride and bridegroom. The trend of Kundli matching is now getting popular and thus it has become an important thing to consider before finalizing marriage. With the help of this, couple can know about their compatibility and the problems that can rise in their life later on. Kundli Matching is important for both arrange and love marriage. Couples are advised to seek astrologer assistance to stay happy together and to make their life less stressful.

Criterion to Match Kundli

There are many ways that are used to match kundli and to find out how the planetary motion can affect each other. Kundli Matching involves gunas that are needed to be matched for happy and prosperous life. The gunas are matched on the basis of some points. There are total gunas and each one of them carries different weight.

Varna – Matching of the caste

Vashya – Attraction

Tara – Longevity of either

Yoni – Nature and characteristics

Graha maître – natural friendship

Gan – Mental compatibility

Bhakoot – Relative influence of one the other

Nadi – Possibility of child birth

All of these gunas carry 1 to 8 points and thus total value comes out to be 36. Couples whose 18 or more points are matched are termed as compatible and granted permission to get married. But those couples who score less than 18 are recommended to back off so as to avoid problems in future. If couple loves each other and score less than 18 then several solutions are available that can be done to reduce the negative effects from their life. Manglik Dosha also plays an important role and thus important to consider while matching kundli. Look for the best astrologer and find the best kundli matching in Delhi.

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