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Best kundali matching in Delhi

Best kundali matching in Delhi

Some think that marriage success and compatibility depends on the stars and other heavenly bodies. Kundali matching is one such an activity to deduce the matching and unmatched portions of the partners.

To be in love with someone is certainly a most beautiful thing. But a sudden surge in the relationship like divorce or exploitation of each other for some reason is making people run towards the traditional concept of kundali programs. Astro Girish Sharma provides you one of the best facilities of Best kundli matching in Delhi.

In earlier days or in the ancient medieval period, kundali matching was considered an important aspect in arranging marriages. Different rashi and nakshatra specific to each individual in question depending on his/her birth date and time were checked before the couple tied the knot for marriage. In those days it was believed by the astrologers that there were far fewer surges and fatalities in a relationship. Matching all the qualities of the spouse was considered a gift from God because that used to prove how they were compatible with each other and that they would be happy.

With the fast-paced internet facility and availability of so many internet softwares, kundali matching or horoscope compatibility has become an extremely fast and simple process to pursue especially with the busy schedule of this generation. Astro Girish Sharma provides the best Astrology Services in Delhi.

Basically, kundali matching is done by basing compatibility on a points system where there are 36 points in total. Minimum requirements for a couple to have a happy and successful relationship are 18 points. Kundali match of fewer than 18 points indicates a stressful or fatal relationship. This can ultimately result in an unsuccessful marriage so it is considered an early indication. Astro girish Sharma also provides facilities like Pitra dosh puja .


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