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Significance of Bhagwat katha

Significance of Bhagwat katha

Since time immemorial saints have asserted the significance of listening to Bhagwat katha , as a means to emancipate oneself from the very cycle of birth as well as death.

An person takes many life forms even before he gets a chance to take birth as a real human being. However, often humans don't realise the real purpose of life on earth and go after chasing happiness that is temporary.

Liberation can be attained only in a human form. When humans attain the precious opportunity of "life" they do not pursue those activities that will take them closeer to their goal. Rather thay are more caught up in an illusive state which can also be called the dream state. If the soul is not awakened, then life is just a dream of a sleeping soul.

It is true when someone is in a state of being asleep, there is no control over it. Eventually life becomes an uncontrolled set of events that absolutely have no direction and are uncertain. Life is wrapped in a huge web of relationships as well as pressures that are given by the world which makes one forget the essence of life. Reading the Bhagwat katha will awaken your soul and enlighten you. It will make you want to achieve your goals and not feel pressurised about anything. When a soul is awake it takes steps towards making the life better. Achieve eternal happiness by reading this or doing it in your home with the family to spread positivity and spirituality. One can achieve the right state of mind when they read the Bhagwat katha wholeheartedly.

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