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Reasons Why Kundali Matching is Important

Reasons Why Kundali Matching is Important

Marriage is a significant moment in the lives of two people including their families. It is a beautiful relationship that binds souls together for an entire lifetime. There are various rituals that take place in a Hindu Marriage. Rituals are performed even before the marriage ceremony takes places. Families firstly match the birth charts of the children to check whether the stars of the children match or not. There are many reasons as to why Kundli matching is important before marriage. Astro Girish Sharma is one of the Best Astrologer in Delhi if you are looking to get your children’s Kundali matched.


One of the most specific reasons to match Kundli is to ensure the compatibility between the two people. According to astrologers all the 36 gunas must match to be certain that two people are compatible. All gunas indicate a different factor.

Financial Stability

While matching the Kundlis of two people and uniting them together in a marriage, the planets not only tell about their lives but also tell how the planets will affect them as individuals too. Kundalis tell about financial stability as well as career prospects as well.

Compatibility to Bear Offspring

Another concern that is taken care of via matching the Kundli is whether the children will be happy and healthy or not. The eighth guna talks about child birth any problems that could arise out of that.

Any Dosh being carried

If you are looking to have Pitra dosh pooja in your home, you can consult Astro Girish Sharma.

Special Pooja (if needed) for a better life

After the kundli have been matched, maybe your astrogloger suggests some Poojas to ensure a happy and married life. These Poojas can correct any discrepancy in the kundlis of the bride and the groom.


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