One of the most versatile India styles is Katha, which is often called as storytelling or performance of Hindu rituals. It involves professional storytellers who can recite the texts, books or Puranas for long hours. And we are blessed to have Pandit Girish Sharma with us. He is extremely talented and can read Bhagwat Katha, musical Sundar kand path, Grah Shanti mantra, Durga Saptshati path, and much more. Kathas are involved in the household parties like Grah Pravesh, child's birth and etc., where continuous motivational speech are going on. Many times, people want some peace in their homes, so they prefer to have a Ramayana Katha at their premise. Katha is not just an expression, rather a beautiful thing, which can mold your heart, can reunite your soul with almighty, and can give you enough peace for the rest of the life. Thus, Pandit Girish Sharma will help you to get out from unhappy zone towards a better lifestyle. Book Pandit ji Online to avail services.


Hanuman Chalisa is one of the strongest and powerful mantras in the Hindu religion. It was composed by Tulsidas, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. As it has 40 poetic verses, thus, the name is called as "Chalisa". According to the Hindu religion, Hanuman Chalisa is believed to have some clandestine divinity, which is linked with it and anyone can read it, irrespective of age and group. The thing required here is respect and concentration. As per the beliefs, Hanuman Chalisa is recited to reduce the impacts of Saturn in the kundli, which can bring back your peace and prosperity at home. Furthermore, the power of this mantra can help you to get out from evil atmosphere and spirits, which could be dangerous at some of the time. It is believed that, if you are facing troubles in the night, then you can chant this for continuous hours to sleep peacefully. We assure you safety and will give enough satisfaction through Hanuman Chalisa recitation.

  • Satya Narayan Katha
  • Srimad Bhagwat Puran Katha
  • Shiv Puran katha
  • Kartik Katha
  • Aikadashi katha
  • Garur puran katha
  • Puranmashi katha
  • hari vansh puran katha

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