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About Us

We are pleased to state that our organization has now completed 20 years of its establishment, and will work more passionately with you in future as well. Two decades are a proof that we are genuine and serve for the welfare of human beings. Our top achievements are related to astrology, religion, spirituality, hawan, pooja along with some other specialization. Apart from this, Pandit Girish Sharma has always been associated with special occasions like Shrimad Bhagwat Maha Puran Katha, birthday pooja, Navgarh Shanti yagya, and much more. We are providing services in India, USA, Australia, and Dubai. 

Why choose us?

In this tumultuous lifestyle, often you will confront fake people and their promises. Isn't it true? To avoid such situation, you need to choose wisely, and amidst those quests, you can find us. Our center happens to be the first organization, which offers various relevant services at one stop. Though, the concept of spiritualism was initiated by ancient yogis and gurus, but, Pandit Girish Sharma has continued that trend and has furthered developed the concept in an impressive manner through pooja service, best vice se, Katha, Mantra Jap, reading about your kundali and much more.

Services we offer

In this technology-prone era, people don't believe in spirituality and superstitious. But, at some of the point of life, there comes a time, when you depend on such things to resolve your issues from personal as well as professional life. Being spiritual is good rather than being religious. We offer you the best services regarding astrology, horoscope reading, perform Vastu Shastra, matchmaking services, Sphatik Malas, Abhimantrit Malas, Abhimantrit Yantras, provide Abhimantrit Pure Gemstones service, hawan, pooja, birthday pooja, special occasion pooja, Kumbha Vivah, Ghat Vivah, Shanti Yagya service and much more. We can reach your place anytime you wish for.

Why makes us different?

If you consider us in terms of activities and objectives, then you can easily find what uniqueness we have. We are highly concerned about our customer as well as care their feeling by offering them genuine services along with motivational classes and books. Our mission is to make a difference and to set a mark in the society that "though science has the power to change your future, still, spirituality will be in the top as it works from the roots". We are distributing awareness and knowledge through various mean like newspaper, Television, magazines and such means of communication, not to promote our services, rather make you aware of things that are happening in your surroundings.

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